E-Buch - Flecki und die Anderen - Deutsch

Laughter is the best medicine.

What would you do if your friend looked very different from everyone else? And what if you were the one who was different and the others (the themliens) laughed at you for it?
Some of us have a big nose, some sticking-out ears, others crooked teeth... Batik, the boy in our story, develops marks on his body that won't go away.
This little book by Daniel Rušar, a coach and communication trainer, and Slovak illustrator Adela Režná leads children to an understanding of the importance of friendship. It teaches them to turn their weaknesses into strengths and shows that laughter is the best medicine.

Batik´s patches (vitiligo) spread out every day more and more and he hates them. He is sad because some bullies (Themliens) call him a piebald animal and other ugly names while playing. Even his friend estranges from him. Batik feels alone. He wants to become strong so he tries various ways (even with his parents) to beat and outwit his patches. Nothing however works. He even bullies two small children, that look different, to feel stronger himself. They cry, he says sorry and they (Batik, Toucan and Fennec) become close friends and play together. Themliens (bullies) still provoke them and call ugly names. Once while painting, Batik paints his patches and laughs a lot. He paints more patches and he looks like a REAL Piebald animal. His two friends laugh and they all have fun together painting their faces, ears and noses. They dress up. They also look like a REAL Fennec and a REAL Toucan. Batik´s mom and dad laugh, the neighbours laugh, the teachers laugh. And when the Themliens come, Batik decides to laugh, his friends too. Even the Themliens laugh in a new, friendly way. They all laugh a lot. Batik feels so strong because he finds his super power - he can laugh and make others laugh.

Author: Daniel Rušar / Illustrator: Adela Režná

Reading age: from 3 - 10 years

Number of pages: 48 pages

Language: German 

E-Buch, PDF 25 MB

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