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A picture book for children and parents about smiles and fears from cold and cold water.

Annotation: "In the beginning? A boy named Zach and an experience he can't forget: a swimmer regularly making strokes in the cold sea. In the end? Also a swimmer in cold water. And perhaps he is smiling... And in between? Mom, dad, classmates and a lot of misunderstandings, distrust, fear and futile attempts. But also patience and trust in his loved ones and in his own body..."

Plunge into a story about building relationships through the magic of cold water.

The children´s book Zachary and cold water: 

  • A step-by-step guide in a story for children and parents for cold water activities. 
  • It helps parents to deal with their fears towards the children in winter.
  • It helps children (as well as parents) with trust when they are trying to learn something new. 
  • Monochromatic blue colour illustrations to deepen cold water / winter feelings.
  • A story about a father and son relationship 
  • Methodology for teachers and librarians how to work with book (soon in English too).

"Great contribution with this book to humanity." Wim Hof 

For children from the age of 4 years. 

From author / illustrator with book awards.  

writer: Daniel Rušar / illustrator: Adela Režná

hardcover,  48 pages, size 235x165x9, weight 290g

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