Zachary and cold water 

A picture book for children and parents about smiles and fears from cold and cold water. "In the beginning? A boy named Zach and an experience he can't forget: a swimmer regularly making strokes in the cold sea. In the end? Also a swimmer in cold water. And perhaps he is smiling... And in between? Mom, dad, classmates and a lot of misunderstandings, distrust, fear and futile attempts. But also patience and trust in his loved ones and in his own body..."

Plunge into a story about building relationships through the magic of cold water. 

"Great contribution with the book to humanity!"  Wim Hof, founder of Wim Hof Method 

"Good stories help you to reconnect you to the nature. It is a beautiful story about a little boy and his dad about reconnecting through the power of cold. There is a lot to learn there. Have fun while reading it and go into the nature." 

Bart Scholtissen, Wim Hof Method Academy instructor   

A wonderful book about being brave. The story by Daniel Rusar and the illustrations by Adela Režná tell us with power and sensitivity about the life of little Zacharias and his great passion for ice swimming. And from the age-old experience that believing in a person can bring both large and small miracles. 

Ingo Stapperfenne, Leitung Mittel- und Nord Deutschland, Outward Bound Germany

This book tells a wonderful tale of how one inspiring act can empower someone to make an enriching change to their life. And even beyond inspiration, and beyond the beauty of cold exposure, this book is really about something deeper. It is about following your heart, it is about finding trust in family bonds, and it is about the value of choosing your own unique path. 

Kasper van der Meulen, Breathwork coach and bestselling author 

"Beautiful story that can encourage and trigger children and adults."   

Margit Slimáková, nutrition specialist

"Upbringing doesn´t have to be a one-way journey, it doesn´t have to be the adults who educate their children but it can be just on the contrary - children can inspire their adults. An impressive story of a dad and sond relationship."  

Dado Nagy, radio literary presenter

"I read the story and I had tears in my eyes."  

Dalibor Bednařík, ICF mentor of coaches

"Great project!"  Jiří Tkadlčík, World Strongman Man  

More about the book Zacharias and cold water: 

The children´s book includes:

  • A step-by-step guide in a story for children and parents for cold water activities.
  • It helps parents to deal with their fears towards the children in winter.
  • It helps children (as well as their parents) to build up trust when they are trying to learn something new.
  • Monochromatic blue colour illustrations to deepen cold water and winter feelings.
  • A story about a father and son relationship
  • Methodology (in German) for parents, teachers and librarians how to work with book (soon in English too).

Written and illustrated by author and illustrator of succesful children´s books.

Further information: 

The original Czech and Slovak version of the book Zachary and cold water was supported thanks to a crowdfunding campaign in October and November 2020 on