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We create books for children and parents about difficult situations and possible solutions.  

Other boooks

The Mountain Goat´s Great Leap

Little Panda, Dad and the Moon

Piebald and Themliens

Wolf and Darkness

Daniel Rušar - writes stories for children and parents that they can read together and discuss the,. He encourages fathers to read to their children more.

NEW BOOK Zachary and cold water (about smiles and fears from cold and cold water and about trust to a child) 

Little Panda, Dad and Moon (about falling asleep and a relationship between a child and a distant parent).

Piebald and Themliens (about vitiligo and laughter in a difficult situation), 

Mountain Goat´s Great Leap (how to tell a child about the death of a beloved one and grieving)

Wolf and Darkness (about overcoming fears of darkness), illustrated by Lea Točeková

Book awards / acknowledgement: 

  • Best illustrated book for children and young adults, 
  • IBBY - Best text - nomination (International board of books for children and young adults)
  • Best Children´s books catalogue

Books translated into six languages. 

He is a soft-skills trainer and coach. He focuses on conflict resolutions and breathwork. He loves swimming and cold water. He took a certified  instructor´s course with the Wim Hof Method Academy. He is Czech living in Slovakia.

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Adela Režná - is a children book´s illustrator. She works as an assistant at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, Slovakia.

She prepared these books together with Daniel: Piebald and Themliens, Little Panda, Dad and Moon.

Her author-and-illustrator books: 

Hair (about our deficiencies and doubts), 

Sugar shoes (about unhealthy love for sweets and overeating)

Other illustrated books: (in Slovak)

Timo a hviezdna obloha, Márinka Somarinka, Vtačí atlas, aj. 

Book awards / acknowledgement:

  • Best illustrated book for children and young adults

Her books appeared in six languages.

She cooperates with children magazines and non-profit organizations and companies. 

She likes walking in the nature and climbing. 

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